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Make it Monday - Pocket Planters part 1

Good Monday to you!!! Today we are going to start a 2 part project basically because I don't have all the stuff I need to finish it. Here is your supply list.

  • Tin can - any size is fine. Mine are big ones (gallon and quart)

  • Flat white spray paint

  • Craft paint in the color of your choosing. I used a mix of turquoise and medium foliage green and then brown, barn red and orange for the "rust". You certainly do not have to do the rust technique and they would still turn out super cute!!!

  • Drill and 1/4 inch bit

  • Jute for the hanger

  • Burlap or ribbon to close up the bottom of the can

Step 1

Remove both ends of the can.

Step 2

Smash one end of the can together. I was fortunate and was able to get my dad to do this for me. I believe he used a vice and pinched the can shut.

Step 3

Spray paint the entire can with white flat spray paint. Other colors are ok and you could actually just spray it the color you want. Since I wanted to do the rust technique I chose to paint again with craft paint.

Step 4 - rust technique (optional)

Using a stiff stubby brush apply brown paint to the edges of the can to simulate rust. Once the brown is dry go over it lightly with the barn red and then the orange to create a rusty look. This technique can be used on many different surfaces

Step 5

I used a drill and bit to make a hole in each side of the can and used jute for a hanger.

This is as far as I have gotten. Still need to find an image for the front of the can and get flowers for the inside. Stay tuned for the remainder of this tutorial.

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