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Make it Monday

It is time again for Make it Monday and today we will be making homemade washi tape.

Here is your supply list:

  • white masking tape of any width

  • white craft paint or gesso

  • assorted stamp pads

  • assorted stamps

  • assorted stencils

  • blending brush

  • the backing paper from a sheet of vinyl or transfer paper


  1. Pull off a length of masking tape and stick it to the backing paper from a sheet of vinyl or transfer paper. You may apply more than 1 strip of masking tape side by side. NOTE: Waxed paper will not work because you will not be able to peel off the masking tape.

  2. Paint your tape with white craft paint or gesso and let dry.

3. Using your stamp pads and blending brush make a background across all the pieces of tape.

4. Use stamps or stencils to make a design on top of the background. This is where you get to be super creative. Stamp words, designs or images. Use ink and stencils to create patterns. You can also color with sharpie markers.

5. Let dry and then use to decorate your paper or mixed media projects.

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