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Friday Favorites - Cutting Tools

As a creative - aka crafter - there seems to always be something that needs cut. It could be anything from ribbon or twine, to paper, cardstock, wood or even metal. I don't think I know any crafter that does not have at least one pair of scissors. Sure, we say that there is one for paper and one for fabric and they are NOT interchangeable....but in all honesty it is probably because they keep getting lost on our craft desk!! I have this very nice pair of scissors that I purchased at a local quilting shop. I am not super particular about what I cut with them and they have held up great. I even bought the mini ones and they come in handy for very small cuts. They have a super sharp serrated blade but they make a nice smooth cut. They have a very sharp point and they cut all the way to the tip. I have had a couple close calls when my scissors have fallen off my desk and stuck straight down into the floor...just missing my toes!!!

My next favorite cutting tool is probably my roller cutter. Again, this came from the same quilt shop and is intended for cutting fabric but works absolutely wonderful for cutting paper and cardstock. I have had it for a couple years now and it is still as sharp as ever. I have 2 straight edge cutting guides and my desktop is my cutting mat. One of these days I am going to have to spin my cutting mat around because I am wearing off/painting over the numbers and lines on this edge. This system works great for making card blanks or these super cute book marks that I made yesterday.

Another cutting tool that I can't seem to live without is my paper trimmer. This is not a very expensive one and just came from Amazon but it has worked very well. There is a straight edge at the top and bottom and the clear cutting track makes it easy to line things up. There is a pull out arm that extends the cutting dimensions to 13 inches. I use this to cut my permanent and heat transfer vinyl as well as paper and cardstock. The blades are replaceable and I think I have gone through like 2 or 3 blades. The blade is also bi-directional so it cuts up and down along the track. This is a great tool for card makers, paper crafters or scrapbookers.

My power tool arsenal consists of a scroll saw, miter saw, circular saw, table saw and multiple drills. I can operate all of these on my own (except the table saw - that one scares me!!) I have put many miles of cutting on my scroll saw and I am pretty sure I have pushed it to new limits. I think my warranty is expired and I should probably think about purchasing an extended one but haven't had any phone calls yet!!!!! This is actually my second scroll saw - I wore out my first one!!. The DeWalt miter saw was a gift from my husband. Of course we both get to use it but I claim it!! I cut most of my own wood though I am doing a little more outsourcing on some things like my round door signs (can't cut a circle to save my life) and the tiny hearts and stars and such because I like my fingers!!! I do cut all of my Christmas ornaments and my 2x4 blocks. Sorry no pics of the saws.

So there you have some of my favorite cutting tools.

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